Breaking Code Red – Dignity Without Danger

Stay Away

15 min 50 sec | Nepal 2021

The women also wrote, performed and filmed a short drama to help explore the impacts of menstrual beliefs and taboos at the local level called ‘Stay Away’ and wrote, performed and sang 5 songs related to menstruation. ‘Stay Away’ tells the story of a loved village grandmother who believes she has been cursed and fallen ill from being touched by a menstru

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 8 Days

37 min 24 sec | Nepal 2021

Filmed by women in Kanchanpur, supported by Sara Parker, Sara Baumann, Sushma Bhatta and Laxmi Dhital from ‘Dignity Without Danger’. The team used the collaborative film making approach based on participatory methods to train a group of 13 women in Kanchanpur to create, analyze, and film their everyday experiences of menstruatin

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dir: Lunibha Bajracharya |6 min | Nepal 2018

The documentary explores the impact of climate change in a remote Himalayan community. It documents the testimonies and experiences of community members and the environmental…

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A State of Purity

dir: Rewati Gurung | 7 min | Nepal 2020

“Period: A State of Purity” is a story about a period poverty among Buddhist nuns or women in the Himalayan region. It explores the menstruation practice among Buddhist nuns in terms of their conception, awareness, accessibility, and challenges.

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Nepal’s Menstrual Movement

15 min | Nepal 2021

‘Nepal’s Menstrual Movement’, Part I+II were shot with support of GIZ S2HSS and presented by actress Keki Adhikari as a Goodwill Ambassador for Dignified Menstruation of Nepal’s Menstrual Health and Hygiene Management Partner’s Alliance (MHMPA).

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